I’m Sue, I get a buzz from working with people – helping them find answers to problems and watching them “come alive” again.

I would love to answer your questions – I may not have all the answers but an alternative point of view drawn from many years of working with clients and their challenges may help put things into a different perspective.


Why have I put this site together?

I know we live in an increasingly pressured world. The world is full of opportunity, but, with opportunity comes challenge and that challenge can be stressful. We are not always prepared for what is out there. We don’t always have the skill to manage that stress and still achieve what we want to. Sometimes we need a little help.

As the world becomes a smaller place, we move around more and this can put distance between us and our family and friends. Those people we would gain our support from are not close enough anymore. So who do we turn too when we are struggling?

I recognise that life is made up of choices and sometimes we make the wrong ones. This is how we learn. Sometimes we need a little guidance to be able to recognise whether a choice is good or bad. I want to encourage you to take responsibility for making choices and embracing the change that brings.

That’s where this site might help.

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